Framing Sports Items – The Best Strategy

Many of us have a favorite sport and sometimes the best way to show support for our local or favorite team is to collect special items which represent it. it doesn’t matter what others think, as this is about how you feel about your collectibles and the way you want to protect and display them. Make sure to contact us if you want to learn more information about our company or what kind of resources we can give to you!

Our many years of experience in the field of sports memorabilia and they can help you find jersey framing Edmonton services that are top notch. They will speak for themselves through the images below. Our sports fan customers are always satisfied with the results. To learn more about their services go to and make sure to mention us for a discount!

Framing Jerseys Edmonton

A sports jersey always creates a stunning view on a wall, especially when it’s framed well. The first decision for customers is choosing the front and back. Then we have to work on arranging the sleeves appropriately. Sometimes they are folded back, other times they may need to be hanging straight to be presented well.

Once you have made this choice the next step is sewing the jersey into place on whatever mat board you have picked out. We also offer a more economic solution, which provides a sleek, stylish, affordable framing design.

Large Variety of Colors and Design

We have several colors and designs to offer when it comes to framing your sports memorabilia. Mats which match the team’s colors, textured linen mats, or perhaps you’d prefer silk or suede. Frames which look like the same material as a baseball bat are a big favorite among baseball fans. More news to keep you updated!

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Preservation and Protection

Framing sports memorabilia is quite important to fans and collectors. Many of the collectibles cannot be replaced and this makes them priceless. Protecting and preserving them for many years to come is the only way to ensure they stay that way. What better way to keep them safe than hanging them on your wall for your friends to ogle over?